Needback App

The Needback app is a borrow/lend application based on QR code technology and was inspired by sites like Gumtree and OLX, for those who dont want to sell, but rather lend their items to others, either for free or at a cost. This would facilitate various industry as well as individual needs.  Its the tether to your possessions in real time. A merchandise item that would be sold alongside the app would be tracker tags connected to a sim network, for items of value.  The Needback company would earn its largest profits from those trackers and the airtime and data charges associated with them.

Umbra App

The Umbra App is an Umbrella store with more.  This unconventional app is both store and weather app.  The store has featured Rainy day specials, based on weather predictions, and it even has a convenient display of 3 days weather in the header, to assist faster purchasing decisions.  Furthermore, each Item would come with an embedder tracker so that you can add them to your shop account after purchase and know their position during and after the delivery.  This could facilitate quicker action on both deliverer and client side of events to get the item in hand in time for the weather. No drops spilt.

Top500 App

The Top500 App is a conventional e-Mag style app, but what makes it unique is that it is both magazine and website in one. With up to date listings in its advanced directory, and native advertising throughout.  The app offers users a seamless experience when browsing or using brand Top500.  Expanding on the business aspects, are built in tools for Stock Tickers, that can also be found on the website, as well as currency conversion tools and the option to include the partners stock market candle bars in each profile.


In Overtakers you are tasked with dodging traffic and meandering through difficult situations at high speed. With the help of Carna the Car Djinn, who has imbued the Overtaker Cars with special abilities, you travel through different locations and collect items, power ups and coins, as well as “COOL Energy” to power your abilities and take you the distance.

Carna the Car Djinn | ChronicleS Carna came to be when a certain mechanic wished for a magical ride , little did the mechanic know it would spawn a Djinn, he had another magical ride in mind, the kind only known to a person in their element on the open road in their long loved car.Carna himself , wished that very wish at the same time, and to both their surprise, Carna appeared out of the Djinnverse next to Kamrod the Mechanic, out of a cloud of bellowing smoke from his raggedy Vintage Car as he was polishing the front fender smooth. In the reflection he noticed a bemused floating character, it was Carna. and like that they forged a relationship that would take them on an incredible and magical ride.Carna finds cars fascinating and was adjudicated the role of Djinn of Cars by the higher order Djinns of the Djinnverse.His loyalty and dedication to car kind had earned him his only wish of his life, a once per life wish for a Djinn, a Djinnwish.After centuries of watching Cars evolve towards an uncertain future, Carna finally saw the moment in time he had to wish himself true. This magical moment saw his fate intertwine with new ponderous characters from normal lives , but those that have skills few poses, the Overtakers.

Overtakers are humans born with the ability to invoke Carnas magical wish granting whilst driving and through this , use his energy and gain it back through various driving achievements. Carna feeds from “COOL” driving, filling his CoolBar, which should never be low as it keeps him in this Universe and allows him to grant further wishes to you, the Overtaker. Nearmisses, Overtakes, closecalls , oncoming maneuvers and collecting items as you travel all the while amassing mileage to the max, is your only cause, to keep Carna sustained is your challenge.Go forth, and Overtake everyone.

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