Christyn Pienaar

Christyn Pienaar

Human , Maybe


Top Communications & Media | 5 September 2016 – Present


Between Web Development, Social Media Optimization, Video Editing, Video Production, Animations, Trophy and 3D Design, I work closely with all departments to deliver a digital product that exemplifies the TopCo brands. ¬†Having redeveloped the entire network including the home site, I have moved on to Information Architecture, Digital Product Development and Digitization and Gamification facets to grow the brands and general revenue. With Large focus on annual annuities and social media proliferations, my grand task at TopCo is to ultimately grow the companies digital footprint in the elite business sector. TopCo’s connection to industry leaders and government creates unique opportunities for content creation, product delivery and more importantly, connecting people.


Implementing live chat systems, focusing on UE and UI design as well as Readability per page score, I help drive sales through design and get the information to the customers as fast as possible, with 2 – 3 interactions required from anywhere on site to know almost everything about each brand and to being able to contact agents immediately at any place on site.


Utilizing WordPress, Automattic products, Salesforce, IBM marketing cloud, Blender and Adobe CC products to create the deliverables, I strive to build myself further in all Tools and make steps forward to improve everything I do.

Xyn Digital Began – 2011/08/01 – Present (Freelancing efforts)

I started a web design and graphic arts company along with 2 outsourced programmers. We have turned out sites and worked online with various other companies in helping to create web sites, applications and graphics.

Caven Digital Games – CEO – 2013/12/06 – 2015/12/06

After a year at a reputable game design college, looking for inspirations and finding people to head into game design with, I started Caven Digital with some partners and went into the fray. Running projects and gaining clientele, I ran front and back ends of the business and left legal and coding to the partners.

Admin & Receiving & General assistant at Rosehill SuperSpar 2011/04/01-2011/09/31

I worked for Rosehill SuperSpar in Port Alfred as administration clerk and from time to time would take over from the receiving manager and handle the branches stock intake and quality control systems as well as directing a team of hard working individuals and task delegation. Furthermore, I would assist with technical issues with all the computers and server system as well as handle all the paperwork and daily checklists.

TerabyteTech – 2011/08/01 – 2014/01/11

With the advent of Kowie Online Graphics I expanded to hardware and PC equipment supply and implementation.. Networking and other setups in the field.

Safari Construction – 2006-2007

As Foreman of various construction sites around Port Alfred, my responsibilities ranged from organizing machinery hire, resource delivery, keeping a daily progress report book, keeping track of working hours of permanent and part time staff, calculating their payment certificates, working overtime whenever needed without warning and typing and forwarding faxes, letters, minutes of meetings and keeping all the information stored and organized. At the time Working for my now deceased Brother , Francoise Venter.

Top Carpets and Tiles Sales Agent – 2008-2009

As salesman for Top Carpets I was required to do any office work requested of me, keep the work filed, neat and organized and also the floor space of the entire showrooms. Once a month I helped with the stock take and re-organizing the stockrooms. Customer service & sales were my main responsibilities, too which I favoured the customer service in all regards, whether it was answering the calls or dealing with difficult requests.

MyPond Hotel Bartender – 2009-2010

I was the first bartender at the newly established MyPond Hotel, and it was required of me to do the odd things around the restaurant as well as serve customers to the fullest and deal with the occasional incidents. Stock take of alcohol and bar accessories was part of weekly routine.


PORT ALFRED HIGH SCHOOL | 1994\01\20-2006\11\27


FRIEND OF DESIGN | 2013/01/25 – 2013/12/01

Game Design Interim course , I was part of a beta class on scholarship due to my entry with portfolio work done before 2013.



















  • Platform proficiency
  • Integrations
  • Media Production


  • Photoshop
  • Premier Pro
  • Muse
  • Flash
  • Media Encoder
  • After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • InCopy
  • Publisher Dashboard


  • Character Design
  • Texturing


  • Animation
  • Scene Setups


  • Integrations
  • Game Design
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Project Structuring


  • Animation
  • Rigging
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Rendering
  • Modeling
  • Baking
  • Prop Design
  • Character Modeling

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